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Student International Ideas Competition:

Architecture and Urban Design TriestExpo

1. Objectives

The Faculty of Architecture, University of Trieste, hereinafter referred to as "Organising Authority", announces an International Ideas Competition. The aim is to encourage architectural and urban design solutions linked to the proposal of Trieste as the candidate city for a world exhibition which should take place between 2006 and 2010.

This competition does not have a professional character but aims at stimulating proposals from architecture and construction engineering students or recent university graduates, grouped in national and international teams as well. The design of new permanent or ephemeral architectures and the respectful reuse of some historic buildings in the Old Port will be able to accommodate specific functions concerning the exhibition activities. The exhibition functions that are housed in permanent architectures will then, once the Expo is over, be replaced by office, cultural, public and private functions located in a strategic and central urban area. Project proposals will upgrade an area in the heart of the city and will have to be conceived in a unitary urban design. Additional activities can also be planned in the industrial area as shown in the attached cartography, where large organised spaces and architectures for meetings and large gatherings can be designed. The Old Port section, not included in the competition area, will house other offices, hotels, services and cultural activities. TriestExpo is not only complement but also compatible with what will be designed for the renovation of the historic Port area, "Porto Vecchio". The competition area includes 5 listed buildings which need to be restored; their descriptions are included in the documentation. However, it must be noticed that the historic and architectural value of the old industrial port settlement, which is the reason for its listing, calls for special attention to be drawn to the entire complex and its values, as well as to an appropriate restoration and conversion of each building.

Registration: 23 April 2002
Request for clarification: 20 May 2002
Submission delivery: 31 May 2002
Conclusion of the work of the Jury: October 2002

2. Competition procedures

2.1 Organising Authority
The Organising Authority is the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Trieste.
The competition Brief is posted on the Web:

2. 2 Secretariat
The Secretariat for the competition is
Facoltà di Architettura
Università degli Studi di Trieste
Piazzale Europa 1
34127 Trieste - ITALY
e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

2.3 Type of Competition
Single-stage Architectural Design Competition.
The competition is open to students of architecture and construction engineering and to graduates who obtained their degree no more than one year ago (in 2001 or 2002, see 3.4). Submission of entries from both single students and design teams will be accepted upon indication of the student acting as team leader and legal representative. Individual participants or teams may only make one submission, and individuals may only participate in one submission otherwise both groups will be excluded.

2.4 Registration procedures
Registration forms must be sent by 23 April 2002 by e-mail, to the address of the secretariat of the competition (2.2). Both Individual and team entries, submitted by the team's legal representative, will be accepted.

2.5 Eligibility
The competition is open only to architecture and construction engineering students or recent graduates.
The following shall not be eligible to enter the competition:
a) relatives and relatives-in-law to third degree of kin of jury members;
b) consultants and employees (even on limited term contracts) of the University of Trieste who have contributed to the preparation of the Brief and the documents attached
c) employees or those who collaborate with or have a continuing and known relationship with the members of the jury;
d) employees of associations, institutions or public administrations, with the exception of those who have received specific authorisation.
e) those who, for whatever reason, have taken part in the drawing up of the Competition Brief and attached documentation or those who are members of working groups involved in the preparation of the competition.

3. The Competition

3.1 Enclosures
The Authority shall supply the participants with the following materials posted on the Competition's Web page:
a) competition Brief;
b) cartography;
c) documentation.

3.2 Question Period
Any request for further information of a technical nature shall be addressed in writing to the attention of the Competition's Secretariat (2.2) and sent by e-mail by 20 May 2002. A synthesis of the most relevant questions and associated replies will be posted on the Competition's web site

3.3 Submission of designs
The projects have to be delivered to the Secretariat of the Competition by 31 May 2002. In those cases in which delivery of projects is assigned to a carrier (State Postal Service or authorised courier), they must be sent off by midnight of the same day and they must be received within the following fifteen days. Any delay is considered valid reason for exclusion. The presentation of the projects is to be made anonymously. Any indication of the identity of the competitor must be omitted. Should the postal service require the indication of the sender, the indication must be that of the University to which the competitor or head of the group belongs or that of the Organising Authority. The Organising Authority is not responsible to the competitors in case of loss of the parcel.

3.4 The projects
The projects must be on 3 size A1 horizontal tables (also divided into two A2) and one bound album size A3, composed of a maximum of twelve single sided pages plus the cover.

Both the tables and the cover of the album must have, at the top right corner, a motto composed of one word and three Arabic numbers.

The submission shall include the following: General report, environmental collocation study, general plan and graphic schemes.

The text may be in Italian or English. The projects must utilise the decimal metric system as the system of measurement and contain a metric graphic reference in order to enable publication in reduced formats.
The 3 tables, in black-and-white or colour, mounted on light rigid panels, shall contain:

  • a general plan of the area with the representation of the project and its insertion into the urban context

  • plans, sections and elevations of the project;

  • axonometry, perspectives, photomontage and any other representation suitable for the purpose of illustrating the project.

The black-and-white or coloured album must contain:

  • a report, eventually illustrated with pictures and graphic works, with the guiding criteria for the choice of the project, the technical characteristics of the materials to be employed, insertion into the urban context;

  • a reduced scale reproduction of the 3 tables of the project.

The same motto which appears on the three tables and on the cover of the album must be reproduced on the outside of an opaque sealed envelope, which is to contain the particulars of the individual designer or design team. The envelope must contain:

  • an underwritten declaration from each competitor (student of architecture or engineering) of regular enrolment at a University or a certificate of graduation received in the years 2001 or 2002.

  • an underwritten declaration from each competitor stating that he will respect the conditions set out in paragraph 2.5 (Eligibility) and in the case they are bound by contract to institutions or public administrations, they must attach a letter of authorisation;

  • designation of the team leader underwritten by all members of the group, including eventual consultants and/or collaborators;

  • authorisation to exhibit the project, to cite the names of the designers and eventual consultants and collaborators, lack of said authorisation does not constitute a valid motive for exclusion from the competition.

The design team composition can be modified from that indicated when entering the competition but the team leader - sole interlocutor of the Organising Authority - has to be the same. Authorship of the project is, given equal qualifications and rights, in any case recognised to all members of the group..

3.5 Jury
The jury is composed of three members of which two are Italian and one is foreign. The Secretary of the competition takes part in the meeting of the Jury without right of vote. The Jury will conclude its works within 45 days from the delivery date of the projects.

3.6 Conclusions of the competition
The Jury will examine the architectural quality of the projects, the insertion in the urban and environmental context, the feasibility and efficiency by which the idea is expressed.

The Jury, after having prepared a conclusive report containing the evaluation of each project, will announce the first three classified, the special prize and the five honourable mentions. The Jury will then open the sealed envelopes and proclaim the names of the winners .

3.7 Results of the Competition
The names of the winners, available to all competitors, will be posted on the web page.

3.8 Prizes
First Prize: 3500 euro;
Second Prize: 1500 euro;
Third Prize: 1000 euro.
Special Prize 500 euro
The Organising Authority is bound to respect the decisions of the Jury.

3.9 Exhibition and publication of the projects
The results of the competition will be displayed in an exhibition. The Organising Authority has full and complete ownership of the projects, legal guarantees withstanding and in the respect of author's rights, withholding the right to exhibit and publish the projects presented, without the authors having faculty to exercise rights.

4. Project Requirements
The projects will have to show a general layout of the areas included in the cartography, in accordance with the functions proposed, their insertion in the urban context, the design of a new building complex and the restoration and reuse of one of the buildings shown in the cartography. Competitors may submit the design of even only one new building or one restoration project.

I concorrenti potranno presentare anche un solo progetto per un nuovo edificio o un solo progetto di restauro.

5. Acceptance of the rules for the competition
Participating in the competition, the competitors accept all the terms and conditions of the Brief. Any departure from said regulations will be subjected to the judgement of the jury. The jury alone is responsible for the elimination of a competitor.

6. Transport and insurance
The participants must sustain the cost of delivering and, should they so wish, of insuring the designs and documentation sent. The Organising Authority declines any and every responsibility for the custody of the designs in excess of the period prescribed (six months after the date of conclusion of the work of the jury). The winning projects will remain the property of the Organising Authority. The other projects will be at the disposal of the authors, who may retrieve them from the Secretariat of the Competition within six months after the date of conclusion of the work of the Jury.

7. Controversies
In case of controversies not resolved amicably, recourse will be made to the Law Court of Trieste.

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The Headhouse Competition -
Idea/Design Competition for Adaptive Riverfront Building Reuse

Sponsor: Saint Paul Riverfront Corporation

Type: Open, one-stage

Eligibility: Open to professionals and students

15 Feb 2001 Competition brief available
1 May 02 Submission deadline

Entry Fee: US$25.00

Awards: Four (4) of $5,000 each

Language: English

Jury chair: Thomas Fisher, Dean, University of Minnesota College of Architecture and Landscape Architecture

Design Challenge: Idea/design competition for adaptive reuse of two historic grain cooperative buildings on the Mississippi River in Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA. Buildings are a five-story,140-foot-high reinforced concrete building and an adjoining 1,750 square foot one storey brick structure.

Competition materials available after February 15, 2002, by contacting:
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

The competition adviser is:
Timothy J. Griffin AIA AICP
Saint Paul on the Mississippi Design Center
25 West Sixth StreetSaint Paul, MN, USA 55102
Tel: 651.293.6864; Fax 651.293.6868
email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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